Istanbul tour


Price Per Person : 170 GBP
Children (7 - 12) : 170 GBP
Infant (3 - 6) : 160 GBP
Infant (0 - 2) : 0 GBP

From Kemer Istanbul Tour


Our transfer regions ; Alanya, Manavgat, Side, Belek, Kundu, Antalya , Beldibi , Goynuk , Kemer , Kiris , Camyuva ve Tekirova. All your transfers from hotel to hotel.

Our Istanbul Tour:

Dear guests, it is simply impossible to show a city of about 14 million residents and endless remains of different cultures just in a single day! But during this daily trip to Istanbul you'll meet some of the most important highlights of this Metropole!

About our trip:

-Flight Antalya to ?stanbul ( around 60 min )
-Bustrip to historical Peninsula ( around 40 min )
-Visit to the Blue Mosque ( around 30 min )
-Visit to the Hippodrome Square ( around 25 min )
-Break for Lunch ( location is depending on the day of excursion )
-Visit to the Topkap? Palace ( around 90 min )
-Visit to the Egyptian Bazaar ( around 80 min )
-The Famous Bosphorus Boat Trip ( around 90 min / not included in price of trip, contact guide for participation )
-Dinner at wellknown Kumkap? Area ( around 60 min )
-Flight back to Antalya

Important notes:

- Depending on local conditions the order of the program can change
- Flight times depending on day and season
- Passport or identity Card needed
- Lunch break can be combined with the visit of the Bazaar, if needed 
- Boat Trip through one of the most beautiful waterways of the world, the Bosphorus Boat Trip will not be on City boat, therefor a private boat will be hired, which ensure not only sightseeing but some information too
- The delicious dinner will take place in an unusual atmospher
- Participation at the Boat Trip between the continents and the Dinner has to be paid to the guide at location



- around 3,000 years of history
- former second capital of the Roman Empire
- approximately 1100 years capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (called also Byzantine Empire)
- approximately 450 years capital of the Turkish Ottoman Empire 
- with its officially around 14 million inhabitants (estimated unofficially also over 20 million) largest city in Europe
- a city on 2 continents, separated by one of the world's most impressive waterways of the world
- a city of legends and mysteries



It is the main mosque of Istanbul and is the only mosque with 6 minarets on the world. Due to the tile decoration (mostly blue tones), the Sultan Ahmet Mosque is mostly known as the Blue Mosque.

?t is built in 1609-1616 by the architect Mehmet, a disciple of the great architect and master builder Sinan. An impressive work of Islamic architecture and art with over 20,000 faience tiles, Golden Korans, green carpets and 260 colourful stained windows.


An impressive witness of the Byzantine era is also the Hippodrome, whose remains are now located in Sultan Ahmet square. The Hippodrome was designed as a longitudinal track with straight and backstretch for horse and chariot races. It was the sporting and social centre of the Byzantine metropolis. With the time, 
It was adorned with the obelisks of Egypt, the greek serpent column, the brick column
and the German fountain. One of the largest civil commotions in the history of the world took place on this squre in the 6th century. It was suppressed by the Emperor Justinianus, by killing around 30,000 people living within a few hours!


The Sultans of the Ottoman Empire resided for centuries in the Topkap? Palace. This splendid palace on the headland between the sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn from was built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror ?stanbuls on behalf of the Turkish Ottoman Empire from 1459 on and was inhabited from 1478 on. In the 18th century, the Topkapi Palace was expanded and renovated extensively. Especially the Treasury and the unbelievable Outlook at the beginning of the Bosphorus there, are among the highlights. Once, the entire Palace comprised a total area of 700,000 square meters to its courtyards and gardens.


The approximately 400 years old Bazaar was built by the then main architect Mustafa Aga at the request of Hatice Hultan, the mother of Sultan V.Mehmet, as part of the Yeni mosque. At that time, spices, silk and fabrics from India, the far East, North Africa and the Arabian peninsula have been sold here. Since most goods came over Egypt the Bazaar, was called Egyptian Bazaar. The Bazaar, which was built in the classical Ottoman style with many domes has an L shape.


The Bosphorus (ox throat) is a strait between Europe and Asia minor, which connects the Black Sea with the sea of Marmara. The city of ?stanbul, whose geography is characterized above all by him, is located on its two sides. The Bosphorus has a length of about 32 km and a width of minimum 700 m and maximum up to 2.5 kilometres. In the middle of it the depth varies between 36 and 124 m (Bebek Area). Two opposing currents flow through the Bosphorus: on the surface of the Black Sea to the sea of Marmara (large rivers flow into the Black Sea and lead to an excess of water) and approximately 40 m depth as a countercurrent in the reverse direction. The upper flow is in the afternoon stronger than in the morning. Some of the most beautiful palaces, mosques and hotels of the country are located at the two banks. To perfectionize the incredible scenery two magnificent bridges, connecting the two continents, and of course not to forget the numerous stately villas, where some of the 40,000 Dolar millionares of the town are living!


One of the most authentic districts of the city is known for its incredible atmosphere in the evening and at night, Kumkap?. It is a must if you really want to learn more about this city and its Cuisine! Not only the environment, but also the food itself is a spectacle, because it offers something for every taste. With some unforgettable impressions, the day draws to a close!


During the tour, you must have 

Money to pay for additional services, headdress, sunglasses and cream, Video/camera, passport

Price includes

Entrance Fees are included, Transfer from /to hotel, Departure from Antalya, Insurance, guide Service, Lunch, Dinner, Arrival to Antalya

What's Not Included

Drinks - Bosphorus trip-Extra 25 GBP (optional)

How long does it take for?

From 04:45 to 23:00

How do i pay ?

All you need to do click BUY NOW

Meeting Point :

Pick-up outside the hotel at the security entrance.

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